SDC Dermpath



Diagnostic and Client services
SDC’s commitment to dermatopathology is backed by a full range of on-site diagnostic services including interpretation of routine H&E stained slides, an extensive menu of special and immunohistochemical stains, direct immunofluorescence techniques, and dermatopathology consultation.

Dermatopathologic Interpretation of Skin

  • All dermatopathology specimens, including skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails are interpreted by a board certified dermatopathologist for accurate correlation of histologic and clinical findings
  • Margins are assessed on all excisions, and on biopsies when requested
  • All specimens are handled and processed on-site by skilled and experienced histology technicians
  • Results are provided within 24 - 48 hrs of receipt for routine cases
  • Results of melanoma diagnoses, challenging cases and/or critical values are reported by phone
  • Consultation and/or second opinions are rendered on referred (outside) slides
  • Dermatopathologist is always available for telephone consultation

Special Stains and Immunoperoxidase Studies

  • Special histochemical stains are performed when necessary to support H & E findings
  • A broad range of immunoperoxidase stains are performed in-house when appropriate to aid in diagnostic accuracy for the evaluation of a variety of cutaneous neoplasms.
  • Direct immunofluorescence evaluation is available upon request

Reporting Options

  • SDC offers direct web access to dermatopathology reports through a secure and user-friendly Internet interface with advanced sorting/searching capabilities
  • Rapid results additionally can be reported by autofax, or via e-mail as pdf files
  • Hard copy of finalized dermatopathology reports also can be delivered to clinician’s office by courier or mail

Account Management Services

  • SDC’s in-house billing department specializes in its attentive, knowledgeable staff who are familiar with each client’s account
  • As always, SDC offers complimentary billing of Medicare and third party insurance

Additional Services

  • Complimentary supplies are provided for specimen collection and transport
  • An in-house local courier service is provided for specimen retrieval
  • Prepaid FedEx courier service is available for our out-of-town clients (Please contact our office for details)
  • Serial copies of glass slides can be supplied upon request