SDC Dermpath


All tissue specimens sent to SDC for diagnostic evaluation should be accompanied by a copy of your billing and insurance information. Based on this information (provided to us by your physician), SDC will either bill you directly or submit a claim to your insurance company for the diagnostic and technical portion of the service that SDC provides.

If the insurance information provided is incorrect or incomplete, resulting in a payment denial by your insurance company, SDC will send you a notice that your claim was denied. If you receive a notice of claim denial from SDC, please contact SDC’s billing office by phone to provide the correct information so that your claim may be resubmitted. Until you receive a statement confirming that payment has been made, you will continue to receive follow-up notices that your balance is outstanding and that payment is due.

If SDC has billed you directly, but you have insurance coverage, please contact SDC’s billing office by phone within 25 days of your statement date and provide the appropriate information so that SDC can submit a claim to your insurance company.

Please contact SDC’s billing office at (214) 483-2100, Ext. 202 if you need further assistance.